5 Tips For Greater Employee Engagement At Your Copywriting Business

Employee engagement is an issue that is faced by almost every company. Disengaged employees can lead to lower productivity and higher employee turnover. This makes employee engagement an important aspect of running a business. This is truer if you’re running a copywriting business because you need your employees at their very best at all times, to produce good content.

Disengaged employees at your copywriting business can lead to lower quality content, missed deadlines, and unsatisfied clients. That is why it’s important to make sure that your employees remain engaged.

The following are a few ways you can ensure employee engagement at your copywriting business:

Constant Feedback & Training

Your employees will have a certain way of working, which they’ve either learned at their previous place of employment or have developed themselves. It may or may not work with your copywriting business because of different work cultures, deadlines, and expectations.

That is why it’s important to train your employees constantly, and bring them to common ground. You should instill the same process, structure, and quality expectations in all your employees, so your deliverables are consistent.

Once they’re used to it, you should make sure that you provide them constant feedback on their work. The feedback will help them perfect their work further, to the point where they will start to notice any inconsistencies themselves.

Provide the Right Tools

One might think that copywriting can be done on just about any other computer or device but that’s not how it works. Copywriting is a long and detailed process that requires extensive research, flawless execution, and enhancement revisions.

To do all of that, you need to provide your employees with a fast computer that never hangs, because a pause while working can lead to an instant drop in productivity. You also need to make sure they have 24/7 access to lightning-fast internet, and online content tools, both paid and free.

The copywriting process needs to be an ongoing process with no lag. That’s how you can ensure that your employees always create great content.

Share Success Numbers

One of the best employee engagement tactics is inclusion. If an employee feels that they’re being included in the entire process rather than just what they’re doing, they’re bound to be more satisfied. Every employee at your copywriting business should be aware of how much they’re contributing and how well their work and the company itself is doing.

You should always share success numbers with your employees, which can include things like views, conversions, leads, rates, and the number of clients, among other things.

It’s a great way of motivating employees, whether the numbers are positive or negative. If they’re positive, your employees will be motivated to work even better while continuing their current quality of work. If the numbers are negative, your employees will be motivated to rectify the problem and will work harder than usual to do so.

Promote an Acceptable Company Culture

Company culture is extremely important for employee engagement, as it provides common ground for employees. You may have employees with vastly different personalities, characters, and likes/dislikes, which may make it hard for them to connect to each other.

Acceptable and inclusive company cultures will make sure that all employees adhere to said culture. At that point, all these employees will have something in common and something they can relate to, regarding the company.

Company cultures are more than just rules of conduct and dress codes. They include what your company stands for, what it identifies with, and yearly or monthly events, among other things.

Recognizing Talent

Each employee at your copywriting business will have a differentiating skill or something that only they can do or know. It’s your job to identify, recognize, and foster the talents of each individual. This talent may be related to their work or not, but regardless of that, you should work to nurture this talent.

If it has to do with their jobs, then that’s a win-win situation for both you and your employee. This is because the employee gets to grow a skill they’re good in and you get an employee with better skills.

If it is a talent that’s completely unrelated to their jobs, you should still help them develop it. This would effectively engage them because it shows that you care about your employees beyond their work. It’s also bound to increase retention at your company.

The Bottom Line

Hiring employees is a relatively easier job compared to employee retention. Nowadays, employees care more about things like employment benefits, self-health, and job satisfaction. To provide the last two, you need to deploy employee engagement measures.

These employee engagement tips are hand-picked to work best for your copywriting business, however, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to just them. Employee engagement can be replicated, but true engagement comes when you consider your employees and company as one big family and dedicate yourself to making sure everyone feels the same.